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I needed my DFW Knight fix.  I invited him down for the night and dressed in a more subtle outfit than usual.  We met at a local sports bar for a drink and within five minutes my hands were all over him.  We finished the drink and went to our room.

Will and I take our time like the familiar lovers we are and both of us get very worked up.  I admit whispering that I needed to take all his cum in my pussy.  I also made sure he knew that I was not on any birth control   Click For More



Hanging out with porn-stars is not always fucking.  I love to play pool, and have a good time.  One afternoon, while I was waiting for hubby to get home.  Jonathan called up and asked if I wanted some company.

We were just hanging out when he challenged me to a game of pool. I play a lot of pool and I thought I was a pretty good.  The game was even until the last shot.  Then we made a Click For More