Milo Media Group
You would like to meet me? You may even like to fuck me? Do you have what it takes for this sexy Redheaded MILF and Hotwife ?

If you feel you are interesting, sexy and are a well hung BBC or an attractive woman then please keep reading! If you are a cuckold I may consider you as well, but you will not fuck me. Since my site is fan driven, I love meeting and playing with my fans on film.

If you want to go out with a true Hotwife then you are at the right place and should keep reading.

I do have a few requirements you must meet! These are to protect me as well as you.

First: You must be in my area or willing to fly me and my manager/cameraman out to meet you.

Second: Send me pictures, make sure you include the following poses; a G rated face picture, a full body picture, both need to be recent (yesterday is recent, your body shots from a year ago are not.) Include a picture of your cock with something verifying size. (Bottle, remote, can of hair spray ect.)

Make sure the picture is accurate. I don't want to set up a date and then be disappointed by a misrepresentation.

Third: You will need to sign a modeling release for me plus I will make a copy of a valid photo ID . Our date and any fun will be for internet distribution, along with whatever other ways I can come up with to market my content. You will appear on video fucking me. Once we film, and it is released, I will not pull it down.

If you can't show your face but you have an exceptional cock we can try to work something out. Perhaps a date and some imaginative camera angles that hide your identity.

Fourth: Have no performance issues. Understand this will be filmed and if you are camera shy I don't want to learn about it in the hotel room.

Fifth: You must have a current blood test proving you are STD free and you are clean. No clean bill of health, no date. I use the Gold Panel from Talent Testing Services. If you can answer yes to all of the above email me at and we can continue to make plans. Please continue to enjoy my site.

Kisses Darlings,