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I was happily married in an open relationship.  Hubby and I would play as a couple with other couples so I was always encouraged to look my best and show off.  Sometimes when the weather was nice, I would go and watch my husband's various city league sports team play.  Since these games were after work,

I was usually dressed in a professional but sexy manner.  One day after a game,  "FJ" (one of his best friends) complimented my ass.  I couldn't believe it!  I never thought he had even noticed me (except in a polite married to a good friend manner)  but as soon as he said those words, my pussy started to drip.  

I drove straight home thinking about his words, his hard body, and (I assumed) his big hard cock.  I nearly ran out of my clothes to get to the bed to play with myself.  It was when I was imagining him pounding my pussy from behind that I came and realized THIS had to happen!Read more...