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You saw him I hope last week when he touched and seduced my body and mind with his hands, lips and his tongue. I left you off when he finally stuffed his big black cock inside of my pussy right in front of my husband.

Finally when he fucks me I’m so ready that I cum almost instantly. He spoons me for a while then doggy.


He then gets me into his favorite position to shoot his load into me is me which is

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I’ve been getting nailed by this guy for almost 5 years now. Every time he fucks me he always takes his time to not only violate my pussy but to seduce my mind along with my body.

He usually likes to deprive my senses by blindfolding me then touching my body with his hands and fingers before he uses his mouth on my nipples and then my pussy. 


This time he also decided to get a few toys out just to be sure I felt something else besides just his hands and lips. While he’s doing his

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