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When another man’s hotwife asks another man to come over to use her body to his hearts content, guys tend to listen, girlfriend or not.

He was doing some stuff at home when I texted him asking what he was doing. He told me that him and his gf were just sitting around together at home. 


I asked him if he wanted to slip out to run an errand so he could come over to
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I’ve been doing some pretty slutty stuff considering I’m another man’s wife.  One of them would be inviting other men to my home to use them in my bed.

Most guys think they are using me and I’m sure they are, but when I invite a guy over it’s for me to use their body for my own pleasure. 


I’ve fucked this guy before and usually don’t like younger guys but he has a nice cock that I needed this day.  Hubby was at work and told me

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