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Each of these guys had the opportunity to fuck me 1 on 1 while I was in Las Vegas and all of them did a very good job getting me off and filling me full of cum in either my tummy or pussy.

I figured why not give them another chance at me and allow them to gang up on my body and to please themselves with my mouth and pussy.

Don’t think for a minute that they had all the fun. I enjoyed being filled over and over again by
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I met this guy at a house party gangbang. My very first actually. The night was going slow and nobody was doing anything until my hubs asked this guy to show me around the house (not mine;.)

Not long after, he asked which room I liked and had me pick one. He took me in while almost all the other guys followed.

10 men took their turns penetrating and using me that night including him of course.
The very next week
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