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It’s 2020 and social distancing is a thing but I’m a housewife who needs sex and needs it often!  I have a friend who has no problem coming over to help me out when I’m in need so when he contacted me asking if I needed anything of course my answer was yes. 

I didn’t even have time to tell my husband that his wife had a guy coming over to fulfill her sexual needs until later. 


We set the camera’s up just so hubby could see what happened later and of course so you could watch also;)
I sucked his cock off for a little while but soon

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Well it happened, something that I told myself that I would never do.  Even after becoming a self proclaimed hotwife slut I said that I would never have sex with a married man behind the wife’s back.

Not only have I left that in the dust with a few other men but now I am legitimately having an affair with a married man. 


Well he’s having an affair if you want to be totally honest because as far as my husband is concerned I’m just

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