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I’ve had this little kink of mine for quite some time. I sometimes like to do nasty things. Hey a girl has desires too. Anyways I wondered what a guy would think if I used his cum as a dessert topping.

Well I found out he would think of it as the hottest thing ever. I didn’t tell him I’ve already eaten cum from a glazed donut not long ago;)


I sucked his hard cock until he was ready to cum, he thought I was just going to swallow like I love to do but went to the

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We’ve gotten together several times before, sometimes for lunch, sometimes for dinner.  We’ve gone to comedy shows together and gone over to use their pool.

We are friends but every time we get together the husband of always ends up between my legs with his cock buried balls deep inside of my married cunt.


Why? Because neither the other woman’s husband nor I can get enough sex!
We sit around the living room chatting about whatever then all of a sudden he

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